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Damien Teo

Damien Teo

“I particularly resonate with the sentiment that design is the rendering of intent.”

Before joining Studio Dojo, I spent two years as a UX Designer at a local agency where I helped to design digital products for businesses ranging from FinTech to insurance, yacht booking and even chemical shipping.‍ Prior to transitioning into UX, I have also worked in communications for a non-profit, copywriting, and dabbled in some filmmaking.

My move to Studio Dojo stemmed from an expansion of my interest in design at the craft level, to design at the strategic level too.

I particularly resonate with the sentiment that design is the rendering of intent. I find it a helpful working definition that can be applied not just to individuals, but also organisations. In my role at Studio Dojo, my main interest is in supporting organisations in such a process of rendering their intended outcomes.

To do that, I am typically involved in activities like user research, design thinking workshops, and the like. These activities revolve around helping organisations gain clarity and alignment on their intentions, and then develop an effective strategy of how to bring their concepts and ideas into reality.

Outside of work, I am a huge Dungeons and Dragons nerd and a motorcycle enthusiast. D&D reminds me how much fun it is to be creative, especially in a group setting, while motorcycles remind me that sometimes, it is better to travel than to arrive.