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Jiang Zilin

Jiang Zilin

Live to learn, learn to live.
“Always curious, always learning, always growing.”

I believe that we live to learn and as we learn, we truly live. This is what excites me as I continue my work in Studio Dojo. I’m delighted when I see the team learn, grow together and flourish. With this energy, I am also constantly wondering how can I best support others to be where they want to be.

In Studio Dojo, I wear multiple hats:

Firstly, I oversee the operations and work behind-the-scene to support the team in workshops and events. This includes paying attention to details in setting up the venue space, putting heart into ensuring the participants are comfortable and well-taken care of; thus providing the peace of mind for the trainer (or host) to lead the event.

Secondly, I support and guide our design team in the collaterals, reports and other required materials for projects, workshops and events. Oftentimes, we go the extra mile to make sure the experience of our participants and clients is one where it is intentional and exceptional.

Outside of work, I am in SMTFA (Singapore Masters Track and Field Association), training hard and competing in high jump, sprints and hurdles at overseas meets. I also volunteer at my alma mater, Victoria Junior College, as an active member of the Alumni committee.

I’m pretty much an extrovert and I love meeting people. So feel free to say hi the next time you see me around!

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