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Jorge Thauby

“We know what we are. But know not what we may be”

– William Shakespeare

As a creative business solver, I am a firm believer in designing impactful, memorable ideas enabled by trust, openness, collaboration and innovation. I believe that the heart of culture lies in the people, and the best results come from being surrounded by inspiring individuals. I am certified in Human-Centered Design, and as an Ontological Coach, I am passionate about guiding creators and innovators throughout their careers. Having been awarded numerous industry accolades during my 25-year advertising career, I am now dedicated to fostering meaningful connections and driving positive change that resonates with people, organisations and the community.

I have a profound appreciation for global cultures and market nuances, having worked and lived across Chile, Dubai and Singapore – three extremely diverse countries.

Beyond my professional endeavours, I am a devoted father to two wonderful children and a passionate road cyclist.

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