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Briefing with Volunteers

8 & 13 Dec 2022

Our online briefings were held via Zoom over 2 sessions.

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our call for volunteers! We were more than 2x oversubscribed and our volunteer recruitment is now closed.

Programme Kick-off

14 Jan 2023

On 14 January, our 16 volunteers came together for a full day session of building relationships, context-setting and recalibrating ourselves for the exciting 6-month journey ahead.

We are grateful for the insightful sharings from Pei Kang, our partner from TRIA, and some of our experts, Cheaw Hwei, Natalie and Li Seng, who joined the session and will be mentoring the volunteers in their research.

With the generous guidance from our design & sustainability experts on board and the enthusiasm of our volunteers, this programme will undoubtedly be a meaningful endeavour for everyone.

TRIA Digester Visit & Desk Research Sharing

11 Feb 2023

On 11 February, our volunteers had the opportunity to witness TRIA’s proprietary digester in action! It was fascinating to see and understand the thinking behind behind a closed-loop process. Thank you TRIA for taking us through a tour of the digester!

The volunteers then shared their insights from their desk research, approaching sustainability through multiple angles!

Curious insights sprouted from the sharings such as:

  • Defining the sustainability of Multinational apparel organisations versus boutique apparel stores
  • Target audiences being motivated by the identity of ‘wokeness’ rather than sustainability itself
  • Companies keeping their environmental efforts unspoken (greenhushing) to avoid scrutiny and being labelled as greenwashing
  • Men avoiding sustainable goods because they seem ‘feminine’
  • Self-sufficiency as a cultural value holding back ‘greater good’ approaches to sustainability

The insights shared broadened perspectives on how they might curate their interview questions, better equipping them to approach the upcoming interviews and house visits.

It was a fascinating experience of understanding sustainability deeper, broadened perspectives of what sustainability could look like, and growing as one volunteer cohort.

Interview Workshop

18 February 2023

Updates coming soon!

Semiotics Workshop & Sustainability Trail

11 March 2023

Climate Fresk Experience

1 April 2023

Forest Walk

15 April 2023

Intertidal Walk

6 May 2023

Programme Closing

8 July 2023

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