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4 Perspectives on COVID-19

By , in Futures Thinking  |  29 April 2020January 18th, 2024

Hey there! I hope you have been well and thriving during these difficult times. In the midst of our work at Studio Dojo, we’ve been collating articles and perspectives from the four disciplines we centre on – Leadership Development, Organisation Development, Design Thinking and Futures Thinking.

Taking Care Of

I thought that it may be good to share these 8 articles, so everyone can see the varied thinking and gain broader perspectives of what COVID19 means to all of us – on how to better care for ourselves, the people around us, now and in our futures.

Perspective 1: Taking Care of Myself – Leadership Development

David Kessler rationalises that the unsettling discomfort we may feel during this pandemic is grief. He explains multiple types of grief we might possibly experience, and lists simple techniques we can do to manage them.

Coach Dorothy Siminovitch reminds us of six strategies to support resilience, both within ourselves and those we are coaching during this time of adversity.

Perspective 2: Taking Care of Us – Organisation Development

Tapping on Organisation Development principles, Dr. Mee-Yan Cheung Judge suggests measures we can actively take to support our loved ones mentally and emotionally.

Afraid of losing control over your employees as they start working remotely from homes? This satirical piece is a quintessential guide on overcoming challenges of remote work and ensuring your rule remains indestructible. May your employees continue to fear both COVID-19 and yourself!

Perspective 3: Taking Care of the Now – Design Thinking

How has COVID-19 changed the way you experience your life? Exploring ‘Quarantine UX’, this article illustrates how the virus has overturned our understanding of ‘convenience’ and conversely, gives rise and relevance to products that were once considered marginal.

Explore this interactive case study by Growth.Design on the psychological impact dashboard designs can have on you or those you are designing for.

Perspective 4: Taking Care of Our Futures – Futures Thinking

Is COVID-19 truly a Black Swan event? Futurists Sohail Inayatullah and Peter Black argue otherwise and that despite many having predicted it, we still remain unprepared. The authors guide us in exploring possible futures and necessary steps in creating or preventing them.

A refreshing take to the “COVID-19 is and is not a black swan” debate. Foresight advisor, John Sweeney, questions the conceptual framing of Futurology in the debate, arguing that it assumes perspectives to be universal and able to predict ‘the future’. Instead, futurists should discuss ‘future’ in its plurality.

I hope that these articles provide helpful perspectives toward COVID-19 and in making sense of this pandemic that has been thrusted upon us.

Hang in there folks!

Khai Seng

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