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What is Coaching

Coaching is a development process where an individual or team meets with a coach on a regular basis to clarify goals, deal with potential stumbling blocks, and improve their performance.

The focus of coaching is to bring about these qualities in people and teams:

1. Competence

Competence is a capacity that endures. It is about mastery over our skills, our craft, and ourselves. It helps us achieve particular goals, but are not the goal itself, and stays with us afterwards. For example, speaking in a way that moves people to action is a competence that can contribute to a goal such as a promotion. Competence also opens up new possibilities for our friendships, family life, and health.

2. Self-correction

This happens firstly when we have the capacity to observe discrepancies between our intentions and outcomes, between our espoused values and our actual actions. The first step to being able to bridge this gap is building our awareness of the gap and the ability to self-correct. When people are self-correcting, they are not dependent upon a coach.

3. Self-generation

This is the condition when we have the ability to continuously renew ourselves by drawing upon resources from without and within. When we are self-generating, the development of competence becomes a continuous process, rather than an end state.

4. Fulfilment

All three outcomes above lead to a deeply felt experience that what we are doing, how we are living, and who we are becoming are meaningful and worthwhile. We are fulfilled when we are held deeply by life, when what once burdened us has lifted.


Our Approach to Coaching

Developmental Coaching

There are many types of coaching, but Studio Dojo focuses on developmental coaching – we are trained specifically in Integral Coaching.

Developmental Coaching

Horizontal vs Vertical Development

There are 2 types of developmental processes in adult development theory.

Vertical versus Horizontal Dev

“Horizontal development requires us to master skills, whereas vertical growth requires us to master ourselves.”

Horizontal development is familiar to most professionals. It encourages leaders to develop new skills and become experts in their professions. Skills such as presenting to an audience, coding, designing and so on are viewed as tools that a leader can draw on.

Vertical development transforms how a person thinks, feels, and makes sense of the world. It’s about learning to change our worldviews, value systems, and beliefs. Transformations at these vertical levels are much more powerful and effective to help people navigate highly complex, ambiguous, and rapidly changing environments. Our coaching addresses deeper levels, supporting shifts in your competencies as well as your deeply held world views and ways you show up in the world – your Way of Being.

Our philosophy. We believe that for real, sustained transformation to happen, knowledge and skills are important but not enough. This is why we also focus on vertical development, rather than just horizontal development.

An Integral Approach

An integral approach to coaching means we meet a person exactly as they are at a particular moment in time. We support you holistically by looking at all aspects of your life, not just work. Very often, it could very well be the areas in our lives we have neglected that could be the keys to unlocking problems you face. At every step, Studio Dojo is clear that we are coaching You, and not any particular issue you come to us with.


Who is Coaching For


Coaching is suitable for everyone, whether you are a C-suite executive or someone simply needing guidance on an issue. Integral Coaching works with wherever you are, so coaching plans are customised to every individual. Some examples of 1-to-1 coaching topics include, “Manage power dynamics more skillfully”, “Being an effective design lead”, “Speak in a way that moves people to action” and “Develop a sense of calm amid life’s turbulence”.

While everyone’s journey in coaching is specifically catered to them, the typical engagement is 10 sessions of 1 hour each, every fortnight.


Integral Coaching can also be applied to groups to build more effective, courageous and skillful teams. Small to medium sized teams of four to 20 people are most suitable. Some topics that team coaching can address are, “Having authentic conversations”, “Finding alignment amidst change”, and “Fostering creativity in teamwork”.

While each team’s coaching is customised, they typically involve two sessions of 1 to 2 hours each, every week.


How to Engage in Coaching

Coaching will be conducted by our Founder & Director, Khai Seng.

Fill in the form below to arrange a no-strings-attached conversation with Khai Seng to see if there is a good fit between you or your team and the coach.

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